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Official Last Post of Summer: hurricane high style.

Well, I remember my first day at public school
I was very scared of getting pummeled
And sure enough I did at first recess
I got pegged in the head by a big red ball
It stung and my head hung
Back to class with a bloody nose
And soon it was lunchtime
Pizza Day" by The Aquabats

For the Seniors:
This is our year.
It's our last chance at high school.
Our last chance to enjoy life as a real kid, I suppose.
And sadly, our last chance to be with the people
we've grown up with
and learned to
during the past twelve years.
I know for so many people this
has been one of the most amazing ones
we've ever had.
But now it's gone,
and it's time to make this year the
we'll ever remember.
Study hard, play harder.
Make new friends, but keep the old.
And graduation will be here
before you can say
Class of '06.

For the Juniors:
Being in eleventh grade is like
being the middle child.
You're not a sophie anymore,
but you're still under senior rule.
And for many of you,
this will be the
academic year you've had yet.
But you can still make it great.
And you can still have lots of fun.
So, just keep telling yourself,
two more years
until graduation for the
Class of '07.

For the Sophomores:

Being a Freshman in junior high really gives you
a false sense of security.
Welcome to real high school, kiddos.
You're the bottom of the food chain again.
But it's really not all that bad.
A few select sophies even hit it off with
before the year is over.
Basically just give respect where it's due,
keep your mind on your studies,
and let your junior high rivalries fall by the wayside.
You're going to love or hate these people over the next
before graduation.
And then you won't want to let them go.
Class of '08.

I'll see you guys at school tomorrow.


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