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i just joined.

it's nice to be back, jhs.
i'm looking forward to being dragged into your gigantic web of soul-sucking drama this year. really.
and what makes it even better is that people will probably still be bitching about the dress code until christmas. hooray!
it really makes getting up in the morning worth it. in fact, i spend my entire weekend longing to be back in that cold, dark, and windowless building.

i'd go on, but i need to get ready for another day of overcrowded hallways, crazy amounts of homework and being yelled at by upper-classmen for simply existing.

but seriously.
you guys try to have a good day.

p.s. am i the only person at jhs that takes notice of mr. ewing's insane fits of twitching?
... surely not.
the man is as shakey as a nervous park squirrel.
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